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September 7, 2015

42 Idiom Origins

Idioms are figures of speech with meanings that differ from the literal dictionary meaning. In the video below, the commentator teaches us where these idioms originated, their meanings and how to use them, all in under 10 minutes.

I purposefully left off the last one, so you will watch the video! The idioms that are highlighted in bold may be heard during work-related conversations.
  1. Fly off the handle (Ideally, we wouldn't want someone to say we behave like this at work!)
  2. Jump the shark 
  3. Beat a dead horse 
  4. Speak of the devil 
  5. Cup of tea 
  6. Ride shotgun- Could be used in if a carfull of colleagues are going to lunch together.
  7. Once in a blue moon 
  8. Cold sholder 
  9. Caught red handed
  10. Apple of my eye 
  11. Skeleton in the closet - Another similar one may be 'elephant in the room.'
  12. Blacklist 
  13. Silver lining 
  14. Bite the bullet 
  15. To win hands down 
  16. Barking up the wrong tree 
  17. Head over heals 
  18. Beat around the bush 
  19. Bury the hatchet 
  20. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride 
  21. Close, but no cigar 
  22. Pardon my French 
  23. Cold turkey - Could be used by colleagues who quit smoking.
  24. As busy as a bee 
  25. Peeping Tom 
  26. Spill the beans 
  27. Broken heart 
  28. Rise and shine - Could be used in a sarcastic way for those coworkers who fall asleep during meetings (we know who you are)!
  29. Wolf in sheep's clothing 
  30. See eye to eye 
  31. A leopard cannot change its spots 
  32. Halcyon Days 
  33. Loop hole 
  34. Get a life 
  35. Foaming at the mouth 
  36. Dish fit for the Gods - May be said during lunch or dinner.
  37. Hot blooded 
  38. In stitches 
  39. Green eyed monster 
  40. Wear your heart on your sleeve 
  41. One fell swoop

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