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    Welcome to Authentic Journeys - ഓതെന്റിക് ജെർനീയ്സ് - US-India Cross-Cultural Training

August 18, 2015

Using Self-Checkouts in Stores in the U.S.A.

Using Self-Checkouts in Stores in the U.S.A.
Have you ever only wanted to purchase one thing in a grocery store, but did not want to stand in a really long line to wait your turn, so you left the one item behind? Did you feel defeated? Irritated? Wondering how in the world to go shopping in the US if you needed to buy only one item? Well, I've been there, too. I feel your pain! Of course, one option is to find the express lane. The express lane will have a sign above it stating "7 items or less" or "10 items or less." These lines tend to move quickly. Some express lanes allow cash only payments, so if you have a credit or debit card, you may not be able to use these lines.

So what can you do if all the lines are long, including the express checkout lines?

Have you considered using a self-checkout?

It can be intimidating to use it if you are not familiar with it. I also prefer to go through a line with an actual human scanning my items and interacting with me, but self- checkouts may be your only options in times like mentioned above or in late night hours. So, how can you use a self check out? The video below is a good demo made by a woman who shopped at Walmart. Take a look at this video to learn how to use a self-checkout. 

Take note that self-checkouts are not exclusive to the store noted in that video. I have seen them in all kinds of department stores and grocery stores. For instance, I have seen them in grocery stores, home improvement stores, department stores, and other stores.

If you face any problems while using a self-checkout, there is typically a customer service personel standing nearby who can help you out. Next time you go to the store, you can try it out for yourself!

Thank you for reading.

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