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August 19, 2015

Ulage Un Uruvum Enna: Demystifing Science

Book Review of the Tamil book Ulage Un Uruvum Enna by Chris Sufi.  

Ever wondered if the very question that triggered expeditions and set inquiring minds on a journey of scientific discovery could be disguised to examine academic methods? Here’s a book that does precisely that! The author uses the question about the shape of the earth, to debunk the myth that academics is theoretical, mundane, and only for the geeks. 

In Ulage Un Uruvum Enna, Arunn Narasimhan leads the reader through an orientation of academic life, and expectations from both professors and students. The author demystifies the notion of science as a difficult area of academic pursuit, and instead turns this notion into an adventure based on everyday life and experience. 

In his dissertation about the duties of a lecturer and professor, he explains the importance of professors and their impact on students. He emphasizes the significance of dedication and research, which leads to knowledge, and which is then passed on from generation to generation, for the common good. 

The author then tackles various subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, psychology, and so on. We are led to believe that all these subjects are interesting and can be made interesting because they belong to life itself. We experience each of these subjects in our lives. The newness of these subjects creates interest and desire to learn more about them.

The author then writes about the achievements and outstanding work of a few professors who have contributed to various fields of science. It is interesting to read how each professor enhanced the field of education and added value to its growth. Although they received accolades for their work, they were humble and gained satisfaction from the benefit that people derived.

The language (Tamil) is easy to understand. The author has used simple language that can be read without much trouble. Science sounds interesting and the world of teaching gains a new perspective. At the end of this book, we are filled with awe for all those who spent and continue to spend their time gathering and researching information to teach others. We are filled with admiration and respect for all those who taught us and helped us gain knowledge.

Get a copy of Ulage Un Uruvum Enna - உலகே உன் உருவம் என்ன? What shape is the World?

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