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August 10, 2015

Successful Indians in the US

Courtesy: Economic Times
Indians in the US are one of the most successful immigrant groups. To get you pepped up for Independence Day on August 15, this whole week, I will share stories of successful Indians in the US to show that you, too, can make it big in the US!

The short video below showcases to successful Non-Resident Indian (NRI) entrepreneurs in the US; Mr. Apoorva Metha and Naveen Jain.

Mr. Apoorva Metha of Instacart, a US $2 billion dollar enterprise inspires us by saying,

"Failure is not a weakness or a problem. People here understand failure is a part of success."
Courtesy: Wikipedia
Naveen Jain of Moon Express shares two tips he thinks could propel Indian success in India:
Allow people to dream so big, they are called crazy.
Take away the fear of failure.
For those who I have trained who have yet to reach the shores of the US, it's both exciting and frightening to leave everything behind. While you may not go as an entrepreneur, you can and will do great things! The US is the land of dreams, and I wish you a safe and prosperous stay in the US.

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