August 14, 2015

New York City: Bus, Subway, Train, Cab

If you are going to New York City, or "The City," this post will acquaint you with how to get around on public transporation in the Big Apple.

Getting Around New York City: Street Layout, Bus, Subway, Ferry
If you want to know about how to take the bus, subway, train, and ferry from a local person, this video is really helpful. The commentator acquaints you with the layout of New York City. What is uptown, downtow, SOHO, NOHO and the most important or well known streets in Manhattan. She shows you how get a metro card, how to swipe it when entering bus, and many other aspects of using public transportation in NYC.

How to Ride the Subway
This video goes into more detail with specifics on taking the subway (underground train). Around the two minute mark, the commentator shows us how to buy a metro card helping us follow all the steps to ordering, paying for and collecting the metro card from the self-use kiosk. The machine used to buy metro cards from in this video looks a little different than the one in the first video, which I found interesting.

How to Take Cab in New York City
This video will take you through all the steps of getting a taxi in New York City. If you want to know how much it costs to take a cab, this video will also help you understand general fares and tips.

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photo credit:  m01229 at flickr

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