Common TV Channels in the US

Posted On: August 23, 2015

As an expat worker onsite in the US, your American colleagues will be making small talk about their favorite television shows and movies. Some of these programs will be found on the channels noted below.

Some of the below channels may be broadcasted outside of the US. However, as many channels are not mentioned by their full name but by acronyms, the grid below will help you to identify a few popular channels.   

The first three channels are the major American tv networks. ABC, CBS and NBC have local affiliates. The affiliated channels will have a four letter call code, but the symbols seen here will be on the screen at times to let you know which network it is. Watch these local channels at 6am, 6pm and 11pm for the local news to learn about the happenings, weather and sports of your area. (The times noted here are for the EST time zones. Check your local listings for the time of the local news in your US time zone.)

Popular TV Channels in the USA

American Broadcasting Company

ABC is national, withaffiliates

ABC: TV Channel in the USA


Columbia Broadcasting Network

CBS is national, with affiliates

CBS: TV Channel in the USA

Broadcasting Corporation

NBC is national, with affiliates
NBC: TV Channel in the USA

Cable News

CNN: Cable News TV Channel

Home Box Office
HBO: Movies on Cable

Consumer News & Business Channel

CNBC: Cable New Channel

Public Broadcasting Service
PBS: Public TV on Normal Cable or Satellite

Turner Broadcasting System
TBS: Network on Normal Cable or Satellite

Turner Broadcasting Network

TNT: Network on Normal Cable or Satellite

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

ESPN: Sports Network on Cable or Satellite

Of course there are many, many more television channels. Check out this link at Wikipedia for more channels. 

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