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August 10, 2015

Chennai Native Next Google CEO

Sundar Pichai, a Tamil native from Chennai, a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-K), Stanford and Wharton has been Larry Page's right hand man for awhile now, will take over as CEO of Google soon. 

Sundar's Background
Sundar has been working with Google since 2004. Starting his career as a Product Manager, Sundar is one of a growing number of engineers in the field who has worked his way up to management. He is a true source of inspiration for all engineers, not just Indian engineers, that career growth can happen for techies! 
Read his bio at Wikipedia
Read his career progression at Business Insider

Presentation Skills - Essential to Move Up The Corporate Ladder
Sundar also demonstrates that soft-skills is an element to success as he has been seen giving talks and presentations on various techie topics. Earlier this year, he was the keynote speaker for the Google IO Conference (video below). He is an inspiration to all Indians not only in his technical ability and expertise, but in his leadership, presentation and communication skills.

It's OK to have an Indian Accent
If you're worried that being successful in the US or with Americans means you have to have a perfect, native-born American accent, Sundar will prove you wrong! While Sundar speaks in crisp, clear, understandable English, there are occasional elements of Tamil flair in his accent. This is natural. Not everyone can rid of an accent, and one can see by proof of this video that Americans don't expect you to! Sundar mixes and matches elements of clear speaking and presentation management to deliver a crisp, clear, easy to follow, motivational and impactful communication experience. His pacing and emphasis (proper use of thought groups) as well as tone and syllable stress help to create this clear communication climate. His presentation skills including impactful and confident body language and clear organization of his message only add to the charisma he has as a motivational speaker.

Watch Sundar Pillai at Google IO 2015

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