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July 17, 2015

Let's Work On "Work" Expressions in English

Before sharing the video, let's look at a few sample conversations that could happen with your US counterparts during status review meetings, stakeholder interactions or everyday small talk conversations onsite. 

Dirty Work - Tasks, that are boring or cumbersome, no one really likes it  
During a break, two colleagues are catching up. One asks the other, "So how was the meeting with the manager today?" 
The other colleague responds, "Well, it seems he's not to happy with me, he's giving me all the team's dirty work." 

Get Worked Up - Get emotional, getting told you get worked up is something that shouldn't happen at work! 
"Ron gets all worked up everytime the intern makes a small mistake. Doesn't he understand that Linda is an intern, not a seasoned employee? If he can't mentor a college student without getting all worked up, should he be promoted to be a manager?"

Work Out - To find a solution
Meeting moderator for the daily scrum meeting says, "Looks like the daily reporting has finished quickly today. How about we quickly discuss one of the problem areas to see if we can work it out." 

Workaholic - Work too much
The team lead tries to motivate the team by saying, "While we are really glad that some of you are really dedicated to this project, by working long and gruelling hours, being a workaholic is not the answer. We want to discuss work-life balance today so that none of us will be getting burnt out." 

Work it -Do something confidently (with skill, talent and charisma)
A team member giving feedback to Tim, a junior developer after his presentation at a local tech conference, "Tim, you really worked it today on stage! Good job!" 

Work it in - Get an appointment (or fit something into a tight schedule) 
A busy manager declining a meeting request, "Tom, I really want to meet with you to discuss this current client project, but I am not sure I can work you in today. Can we meet tomorrow at 3?"

Listen to some more examples and uses of these American phrases in this video:

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