Expats Living in Kerala, India Featured in Malayala Manorama

Posted On: July 7, 2015

Today, the Malayala Manorama Metro Section features five expats living in Kerala. The image in this post is of the section of the article where Authentic Journeys and Jennifer is featured.

As I am not fluent in reading Malayalam (I can read the photo caption – my name, place I am from, work status and company name), a basic English translation has been added to the end of the article by Friends of Authentic Journeys.

Thank you also always for your support. (Click on the image to see a bigger size.)


Jennifer Kumar, US Citizen Who Lived in Kerala, India

English Translation of the article from Malayala Manorama

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Unable to Drive Cars (Title)

One look at her neck and you will realize that this foreigner is married to a Keralite from the small gold chain dangling there. Her name tag spells Jennifer Kumar. She hails from Rochester, a place near New York in America. Although the company Authentic Journeys of which she is the MD off is in Infopark – it is not an IT company but related to promoting social etiquettes. The company is focused in helping foreigners from places like America, Australia & Canada who visit India to meet their counterparts and vice versa to be aware of the cultural norms, behaviors, manners and conversation techniques of that region. Although she has only been here for 4.5 years she has already become a seasoned resident of Pullepady. If you ask her favorite cuisine, even the new generation girls of Cochi who prefer burgers & pizza would have to hang their heads in shame as she prefers Kanji & Payaru. She knows how to prepare Kerala rice & Sambar and also likes to visit small tea shops to have rice and fish curry. If you ask this foreign lady a question about the roads & mosquitoes of Cochin expecting a negative answer, you will surely be disappointed. It seems the mosquitoes here don’t harm her at all. They like her husband Krishna more (Name and place suppressed for confidentiality). 
P. Kishore (author)



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