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July 27, 2015

15 Out of the Box Networking Strategies

Connecting people with other people or things they benefit from as well as doing things we are passionate about can provide ample opportunities for networking. I will share 15 ways I have networked without thinking it was networking!

Expand your professional network1. Helped Someone
2. Asked for Someone's Help
3. Wanted to know more about someone 
4. Take a class
5. Forge Alumni Ties
6. Attend a trade show or sponsor pavilion
7. Joined a Committee at Work or College 
8. Volunteer in the Community
9. Volunteered to Make Office Work Efficient
10. Introduced people or organizations       
11. Offered to give a presentation / class
12. Give to people outside your team or in the community
13. Help organize or present at a conference 
14. Join a cultural or ethnic community and organize or participate in some event 
15. Mobilize community resources 

How have you networked in creative ways? Often many of these activities can be resume builders, either as professional development or as community participation. 

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