Identify and Solve Cross-Cultural Mistakes

The second tip in a series of Tips on How to Broach Delicate Topics is to:  Compare and contrast cultural dos and don’ts (Identify and solve cross-cultural mistakes) Nobody wants others talking behind our back saying we messed up. We prefer to make a good impression from the get-go when going abroad, or hope when we make […]

Same Gender Trainers – Tips for Multicultural Trainers

The fifth tip in a series of Tips on How to Broach Delicate Topics is to: Use same-gender trainers or coaches whenever possible.     Though a majority topics can relate to both sexes – in some contexts and cultures men will receive the coaching better from a man, while women will be more receptive if […]

Uncomfortable Discussions – Ways To Start Talking

Not every situation is easy to talk about. Especially when getting used to another culture and facing culture shock, we encounter so many different things that catch us off guard. Things we thought we knew about suddenly don’t make sense anymore. Some things are easy to talk about; while others are not so easy to […]

17 Out of the Box Networking Strategies

Connecting people with other people or things they benefit from as well as doing things we are passionate about can provide ample opportunities for networking. I will share a few ways I have networked without thinking it was networking!   Out of the Box Networking Strategies Helped Someone Asked for Someone’s Help Wanted to know […]

How to Walk On the Stage While Presenting

Do you want to be a participant in a training program or a presentation where the presenter stands stiff in one place all throughout? Of course not! If you said yes, I guarantee you are lying or just saying that to be nice. Or, you’ve blocked out the last boring presentation out of your mind […]

Do Lecterns Help or Hinder a Presentation?

If there is a lectern in your presentation area, how do you utilize it?   How you stand along with the lectern impacts how the audience connects with you and your message.   Take a moment to contemplate these questions: Who are some of the best public speakers you have seen? How did they use […]

What does it mean to be late to US American Clients?

“Stress the importance of time when working with Americans.” “Don’t start the session late.” “If the participants understand anything from the training you give, they should understand not to be late!” The most polished preparation or organized meeting agenda can impress, but if you or your team starts the meeting late, your good name and […]

“I Can’t Understand When Americans Talk Fast! Please Help!”

Can you understand English spoken in your country, but it becomes hard to understand when Americans talk fast?   Have you been confused when listening to Americans speak English?  Are you confused because listening to other Indians or others from your country speak English is easy, but listening to Americans is a big problem?  For […]

Present While Sitting – Wow Them From Your Chair

I stress to everyone who has to present while sitting – including when speaking on the phone or during online meetings (with or without the video) for client meetings to maintain good posture, and to keep their hands away from their face. The elements of good posture include: Sitting up straight  Do not bend your […]

V & W – Reduce MTI for Indian Speakers of English

V and W are two letters and sounds that are clearly distinguished in American English. V and W are often not distinguishable in many Indian languages, with one letter/sound that almost combines the two English sounds into one. Let’s take a look at these sounds in Indian English, the sounds and how to make them […]

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