June 6, 2015

US Coins: Values and Uses for the Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter

A dime, which is ten cents is a smaller coin than a nickel (5 cents) and a penny (1 cent). A quarter is 25 cents when we talk about money, but 15 minutes when we use the term 'quarter' as an idiom to tell time ("It's a quarter past three." - 3:15). In addition to these coins, there are also 50 cent coins (known as half-dollars or fifty cent pieces) and dollar coins. Both of these coins are not as common as the penny, nickel, dime and quarter. On a recent trip to the US (April 2015), I noticed that some vending machines that accepted five or ten dollar bills returned dollar coins as change. These dollar coins can be used anywhere to buy stuff, but most stores won't give them as change.

Many people know that many Americans rely on credit cards. Carrying cash and change is not as common as it used to be. Though this is true, having coins handy for various daily tasks is helpful. Depending on the city you live in in the US, you may need coins - nickels, dimes and quarters - for any of the following tasks. 

Click on the photos to see bigger sizes.  

Laundry Machines (Quarters)
courtesy: Isaac Bowen, flickr

Parking Meters
 courtesy: Sarah,flickr

Newspaper Vending

    Food Vending

courtesy: Sarah MacDonald ,flickr

Gumball Machines
courtesy: Dennis Dixon, Flickr

Toll Booth
Courtesy: Rachel Haller, Flickr

In addition to the above images, coins are also used for public transport, video games, and pay phones. What other places are coins needed in the US? Share in the comments below. 

Identify Coins Only By Feeling Them! 
While at times, you will have time to sift thorugh the coins, look at them to identify them, there will be other times, you will have to be quick to identify the coin only by feeling it. For instance, when you are approaching a toll booth, you should have the coins ready in advance of pulling up to the window. Or, when getting on most busses, you exact coins. What I suggest is put the coins on the table, just feel them one by one. Now, close your eyes. Feel the coins again. Can you identify them by just feeling them one by one? If yes, then put about twenty or thirty random coins into a small bag or in the coin container of your car, reach in and see if you can identify the coin only by feeling it. 

The good thing is that American coins are standard sizes and weights. Once your hand learns the feel of a penny- the penny will always feel the same. Likewise, with the nickel, dime and quarter. 

Counting Coins 
How many dimes make 40 cents? What three coins can replace a quarter? How many pennies make a nickel? Watch the video below to learn about counting coins. 

Learning money and finances in the US if you did not grow up there will take time. The games on this page are simple ways to quickly improve your financial literacy in the US. 

Jennifer Kumar is the creator of The US Culture-Culture Training Finishing School, a training that can be customized for your international assignees to accustom themselves to some simple, everyday aspects of US social and business culture before or after going onsite in the US.  

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