How to Write Concise Emails – Sample Exercises

Posted On: June 5, 2015

When opening our email inbox everyday, we cringe when we open really long winded emails with long sentences, complex words, and winding paragraphs. When emails are written like we talk, it’s not effective. When we open our inbox and see such emails, what do we think, what do we feel…. what do we do?  

Most of us think, “This is hard to understand. What’s the main point?” Most of us feel overwhelmed, anxious, impatient, or irritated. What do we do? Often nothing. We may not respond immediately, or not respond at all. Or, if we respond, we may not be thorough about it; we may not respond to all the points. The communication will not be effective from either side. 

Instead, what kinds of emails do we usually respond to? Ones that are concise, easy to get the main point, and not long-winded. Emails that are to the point, easy to read, comprehend and respond to get the quickest responses. In these cases, the communication channels are more effective. When emails are shorter, to the point, and easy to follow we think it will be easy understand, we feel more relaxed and confident to respond. Therefore, the writer’s goal has been accomplished – getting a response. In these cases, we as the read think good thoughts, feel better, and therefore will do something – respond. 

Responding to concise emails is easy or easier than writing a concise email, right? So, in email writing workshops we engage in various activities related to email writing. Some of these exercises can also be related to real-time case studies – business communication in the company or with clients. The skills learned in this session can be applied to all kinds of business communications – reports, meeting agendas, meeting notes, demos and presentations and others as required.

The photos below show pictures of groups doing these activities and the outcomes of the group activities we conducted during our Email Writing Seminar. Click on the photos to see bigger sizes.  

Kerala Welcomes You
Summarizing Wordy Content

Kerala, Heaven On Earth
Crisp Business Writing Examples

Poornam Resort
Use of spacing and bullet points in business writing
    Colors of Kerala
Writing for business

Kerala, God;s Own Country
Organizing Content For Easy Reading

Kerala, God’s Own Country
Summarizing Content for Easy Reading

Our Kerala
Catchy Headlines Capture Attention

Discovering God’s Own Country
Creating Headlines To Grab Attention in Business Writing

The Marvel Called Kerala
Creating Bullet Points in Business Writing for Easy Reading

Kerala Welcomes You
Summarizing Tourism Activities in Kerala

God’s Own Country, Kerala
Thunder Birds

Examples of Summarizing Written Content

See more examples here

Jennifer Kumar is a corporate communication specialist working with corporates in India on clear business communication via email, phone and in face to face interactions. Contact her for more information to get your team started today! 

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