June 4, 2015

How to Improve Meeting Management with US Clients

Who drives the bus in your meetings with the US client - the India team or the Americans? 

"Driving the bus" is an American idiom meaning "taking charge." If you are a service provider, Americans expect their service provider to be the expert. And, of course, you are the expert, that's why they hired you, your team, your company. To show this expertise, take charge of the meeting with simple tips like initiating the meeting invite, sharing agenda, deploying effective agendas and assure a follow up procedure is in place. This is where Authentic Journeys comes in to consult with your team to improve meeting management processes. 
Analyzing US Client Meeting Best Practices

The images in this post are whiteboard activities that help the facilitator tailor the workshop based on each groups unique strengths and challenges. Groups are given handouts with various elements of effective meetings. They will analyze these points, and categorize them as seen in the images in this post. Following this, that facilitatator provides a on-the-spot tailored session which effectively addresses all the areas the team needs to work on. 

Analyzing and fine tuning American Client Meetings

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Authentic Journeys: Bridging Culture on Virtual Teams

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