Does an Impressive Title Make You a Good Manager?

Posted On: June 15, 2015

Personality is what others see in you and not what we see in oneself. Every individual is different, and every person’s way of communicating with people is bound to be different. We interact with many people daily, may it be at our home, workplace, social gatherings or even at shopping centers. And what makes us unique is how we manage to connect with the audience in a humanly manner. Most of us probably think, it is obvious that, we need to be good people. Nevertheless, in this complex world, setting constant reminders for self, to be on track, would help us to become good leaders too.

Do you think, having an impressive title makes you a good manager? – Based on my recent experience working in a technology company, RapidValue, cultivated by a fast-paced work environment and a team of young and dynamic professionals, has taught me, how being a focused individual contributor is quite different from being an ardent manager.

Does an Impressive Title Make You a Good Manager?

Most often, managers mistake, that they have matched the compensation as per their team member’s request, given the title as needed and provided the flexi working hours as required. So, the manager has all the rights to get him/her to deliver. That is correct to some extent, since the work assigned to the team needs to be delivered. To make this process smooth, there are some simple qualities which people rely upon, in addition to these well-known above mentioned realities. According to me, these are the five top qualities, every manager must possess, which will get your team to be content, and for your team to be successful in the organization.

1. Be Honest & Humble – There is nothing better than being genuine. We must learn to appreciate people’s effort. If you like the task, they have delivered, do appreciate it by given them the credit. Likewise, if you are not happy with the deliverable, do spend time explaining on how they can improve. No one likes to be looked-up in a nasty way. Explain in calm, but in a silently aggressive manner. This will encourage them to the work harder and you will be respected.

2. Be the Mentor & the Leader – Nurturing your team is very important. We must realize that each person possess unique skills, talent and is knowledgeable in different areas. You must spend time understanding your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Assign work based on their strengths, whenever you can and train the person, to improve on their weak points. Help them to shape up their career. Also, once in a while interchange the role of various team members. This will help you to identify other skills of your team members.

3. Be Approachable & Supportive – Appreciating the work, being humble and a good mentor might be achieved easily, to some extent. It’s the tough times which are the real test. Be with your team when help is needed, especially during difficult times. Get your misunderstandings cleared one-on-one and not wait for the team member to be broken down. Be approachable, so that the person looks up for your support, to face the tough situation.

4. Be the Listener & the Connector – Like I mentioned before, each person is different and has different style of working. Working with many people with different qualities is not easy. It’s worth taking the time to listen to the person. Set-up formal and informal meeting with your team mates, to figure out on how work is treating them, what new assignments they would like, and if they have any ideas to contribute which is valuable to the organization, and aligned with business goals. This will give them the job satisfaction and encourage them to deliver good quality work.

5. Be a Role-Model and a Friend – If you need to get respect, remember we need to give respect. Treat your team member as your friend. A true leader is one who has the confidence in the person you are working with and can rely on you. Also, if you wish your team members to deliver in a particular style, you should be following that style first. You should focus on doing the right things, others will learn from you. Being the role-model, and the friend they are looking for, will take your team to achieve great results.

Therefore, no matter what title you have, it does not make you a manager. A true manager is one, who welcomes others ideas and nurtures their values. The secret to achieve a good manager position is to put yourself in the other person’s shoe and to be able to relate and keep up to it. [sic]

Author Kavyanidhi Narayan was the Head of Marketing at RapidValue Solutions. She has several years of experience working in mobility start-ups in Product Management and Marketing. During her free time, she loves to travel and play a racket sport. Reprinted with permission.

RapidValue was featured on the Authentic Journeys blog earlier. Click here to read more about the company.

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