May 3, 2015

What is the Best Way to Learn American English?

"I wanted to study in a college where I was forced to speak in English the way Americans do!"  

Students from all over the world want to study in the US. Because of this, almost all colleges have international students. In many colleges, foreign students could find another classmate on campus from their country to speak their native language with and spend time with when feeling homesick. So, it's rare to find international students on most campuses with the proud claim that they are the only one from their country on campus. 

While this is true most of the time,there are occassional pioneers that emerge on some campuses. I call them pioneers because they are the only student from their country studying on that campus. Recently, I met such a pioneer. I am sharing the experience of meeting this pioneer at SUNY Brockport in the video below. Enjoy. 

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