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May 7, 2015

Thursday Tech Talks

Tech talks by Leo the tech guy. Leo's show comes on the radio, but it's a little more interesting to see the podcast in video format, especially for the Apple Watch demos, some other user features or app discussions and demos, and to see his facial expression while talking in various tones and speeds.

Topics Talked about:  
0 - 15 minutes - Apple Watch Demo and Feedback.    
15 - 27:30 minutes - Using iPhones to project voices for presentations - Is there an app to turn my iPhone into a megaphone?
27:30 - 35 Samsung S3 and S4 issues - Why are my SD cards corrupting with my Samsung Galaxy S4? 

35 - Other tech topics until the next caller 
Start at 41:30 - Why is my iPhone 6 using so much data?
Start at 47:23 - Do I need antivirus software for Windows 8?
1:01:43 - Keeping my cloud separate from my family's? 
1:14:06 - Getting TV over antenna 
1:25:24 - How can I transmit Wi-Fi from a long distance? 
1:43:01 - How fast of an internet connection do I need for gaming and streaming videos?
How can I transmit Wi-Fi from a long distance?
Call in Questions from hour 3:
How can I recover my dead hard drive?
What home theatre system should I buy? 
Are old flip phone chargers universal? 
How can I learn to code?
Which Android phone should I get?
Culture Notes
At 13:12, Leo says "thank you." Note on the top right of the screen, someone sets small, wrapped things on the desk. Earlier in the podcast, someone suggests giving Leo cough drops as he was coughing. So, here, his colleagues have got him some and placed it on the desk, so he's acknowledging it by saying thank you. Note, that in the US culture, it's always better to say 'thank you' when people help us out even with small things like this. If you forget to say thank you, people may feel you don't appreciate their effort. 

At 15:10, Leo says sorry about his hoarse voice due to his cold. Keep in mind that if you are on global team calls and are unable to speak clearly or speak too fast and have to repeat and catch up, it's ok to catch yourself by saying, "I'm sorry, let me start over!" (Say it with a smile.)  

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