Experienced US Culture Trainer Reviews Your Training Materials

Posted On: May 10, 2015

Many Indian multinational corporations have training departments with trainers teaching many different soft and hard skills topics. When it comes to cultural and English training, the resources vary from company to company. In specific regards to cultural training, very few Indian companies employ citizens of other countries to train their employees. For instance, it would be rare to find an American teaching, training or coaching Indians on American business and social culture, etiquette and American English. If and when an authentic foreigner is teaching the sessions or coaching the clients, often they are freelance trainers/coaches such as myself who live in India or foreigners who visit India for short-term stays.  

Some trainers are Indians who may have lived abroad. Often times, the trainers teaching cultural skills have not lived abroad, nor have they even interacted with many foreigners of the target culture! What they are teaching comes to the employees from a combination of purchased training materials, e-trainings, internet research and feedback from employees who have traveled abroad or interacted with people from that culture. 

Another source of the training material does come from abroad, from the company headquarters. Some of the materials are sent to the offshore offices for delivery. It is possible that the trainers in the offshore location have attended some kind of train the trainer program to redeliver the material. This varies from company to company. 

With all of these limitations and the sheer number of Indians working with Americans there is a large demand not only for cross cultural training, but training analysis, review and updates of materials used in previous training programs. Recently, a well-known MNC contacted Authentic Journeys to undertake this service. 

The process for review of training materials is:
  1. The company sends Authentic Journeys the training materials for review
  2. Authentic Journeys performs a cursory scan and review (paid service). See below for what is reviewed.
  3. Authentic Journeys issues a proposal for work to be completed, and and invoice is issued for consultation.
  4. Company reviews proposal
  5. Review is undertaken

Review Process Includes:
  • Overview of flow and topics
  • Suggestions for updates
  • Proposed ideas for new material
  • Suggestions for trainers to be trained on the new material
  • Train the trainer as required
  • Analysis of intellectual property rights
(This is not exhaustive. This review process can be customizable.) 

To get a better idea of the options and comparisons of the training portfolio from Authentic Journeys, click through the slide show below. Thank you.

Thank you for reading this post. Click here to contact Jennifer Kumar of Authentic Journeys to discuss further.

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