Why Can’t I Enjoy Life The Same Way After Moving Abroad?

When we start our expat assignment we may wonder how to enjoy life after moving abroad – whether it’s settling in and adjusting to our new surroundings, work environment, social circles, driving and daily errand routes and more daily life activities. In adjusting to all these different aspects of life, we will naturally find some […]

Tips for Moving to the USA

Submitted by Doron Talegaonkar   What are some ways I can adjust to my new life in the US a little easier?   Talk slow and clear English. Accent doesn’t matter but be precise when you talk about or present anything. While going to a downtown area of any city in the evenings make sure […]

Do US Clients Eat Indian Food When Visiting India?

Are you getting ready to host a US client in India?  We have prepared many teams for this day. In preparing for the US client visit, many wonder if American citizens would eat spicy food and what spicy food actually means to an American.  Of course, this topic always ensues a lively discussion as there […]

Does Your Company Have an Expat Relocation Strategy?

“What are two or three things our company can do to assure more successful international assignments to the US?”   This is a common question that many companies pose to me in the training needs analysis. Relocating employees is a huge expense and risk. Employees often do not see the entire cost in terms of […]

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