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May 14, 2015

Coding - The Most Important Job in the World?

248 is the magic number. It seems Boeing Dreamliners need to be rebooted every 248 days or they may fall out of the sky! If you wanna hear about some really interesting (and petrifying) tech related travel code bugs and errors, listen to the first half an hour of the podcast in this post.  

Also, for your interest, you can listen to: 

  1. Starbucks - The One Button Pushed Closes Down Sales Globally! What happens next makes you wish you may have went to Starbucks on that day! 
  2. What happens when a plasma tv has problems? 
  3. Dolby - High Dynamic Range - what is it and why should we look forward to it? 
  4. Windows 10 on an iMac (Bootcamp) 
  5. Good software for editing GoPro footage
  6. Should I replace a plasma tv or repair it? 
  7. HoloLens and augmented reality
  8. Do I need apps in Windows 10? 
  9. What cell phone should I buy (in the US)? 
  10. What happened to iPhoto? 
  11. Can I streamline different internet services to one? 
  12. Will I lose my photos if I delete the Google Plus App? 
  13. Why do podcasts kill my cellphone battery? 
  14. Why doesn't stores use Apple Pay? 
  15. How can I learn Photoshop online? 
  16. Is Craigslist a good place to buy a computer? 
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