Slang Terms to Refer to Money in the USA

Paper money in the US can be referred to by a lot of words that don’t sound anything like the word money. Below are a few words, idiomatic or slang terms to refer to money in the USA.  Word list of Slang or Idioms Meaning Money in the USA Bacon Sample Sentence: “He brings home […]

Small Talk Tips with US Americans

“Once I learned how to make small talk with my US clients, every interaction was more comfortable. I was at ease to bring up any doubts or questions I had with clients I was able to make more small talk with.” While small talk is important in many work cultures, especially when working in a […]

Listen to Native English Speakers With Ease

Exposure is key when improving listening comprehension in any language, including when you listen to native English speakers. For many I train, who live in India and work with foreign native English speaking clients, immersion with the local, native speakers in the US, UK, or Canada is simply not realistic. Below are a few tips […]

Small Talk for Memorial Day – The Last Monday of May

While the official reason for Memorial Day is to commemorate the fallen soldiers who have fought for the country, the unofficial reasons dominate small talk discussions among many during this time of the year. When is Memorial Day in 2022?   Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May. This makes this Memorial Day […]

Do I Have the Skills To Adapt to Another Culture?

Have you ever wondered, “Can I adapt to another culture?”  Well, I shall turn that question around on you and ask:  Have you made changes in your life?  Have you ever adapted to anything new or different in your life?  If you ever have: Moved to various schools as a student…. Tried to make friends […]

Small Talk is NOT a Viva, folks!

Does the idea of small talk with US clients make you freak out and want to run away? Does it bring back memories of your college days when your teacher made you stand in front of the class to defend your thesis during your viva?  You know what the good news is?  Small talk is […]

Understand Fast American English Through Songs

In a recent American English Accent training I conducted, I decided to switch up the activities by using American songs to teach word combining. By tearing apart the phonetics in songs from the USA, we can learn how to understand fast American English through songs. The linguistic term for some of these combinations is called […]

“I’ll Think About It” – A Typical American English Phrase

A common phrase used by Americans in meetings and group discussion, “I’ll think about it,” can be used in the following situations:  an answer to a question which is not time-sensitive  as a catch-all answer during a brainstorming session  planning and forecasting sessions  “I’ll think about it” often means, “This is a good suggestion, I’m […]

Handling Calls with US Clients

Whether you are new to handling calls with US clients or have been doing it for some time, here are a few tips on how to effectively handle calls with US clientsthat can get you started or refresh you to improve the flow and feel of calls with Americans.  Handling Calls with US Clients: Time […]

3 Mistakes South Asians May Make With US Clients & Solutions

There are many types of Indians, just as there are so many types of Americans. True, right? But, there are certain characteristics that can communicate a lack of care or patience when interacting with Westerners, especially Americans that some Indians could take note of to improve cross-cultural team building skills with American teams. Interrupting  Interrupting […]

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