April 30, 2015

Working in the US with Americans - Free Career Guides

College to Corporate Programs

In April 2015, I was a guest trainer at Binghamton University through the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development. The session, called How to Prepare for the Real Work World, was a cross-cultural training session for international students which focused on college to workplace etiquette and expectations. The poster that was used to advertise for that program is pictured to the right.  

The Fleishman Center's Website provides great career and professional development resources not only for students but anyone, anywhere who wants to build their career from the ground up, especially in the conext of working with Americans in the United States.

A few of our topics picks include: 
Global Competency 
How to be a Good Conversationalist (Small talk)  
Presenting Yourself Professionally 
Transferrable Skills 

To learn more about corporate to college seminars and workshops for international students in the U.S., click here.

Authentic Journeys: Work Effectively With Americans

Do you work with Americans on a global, virtual team? At Authentic Journeys we help you build your context with American business culture when you work with Americans from outside the U.S.A. Follow our blog our get in touch with us for live, in-person online training programs to increase your business acumen with Americans today!