April 11, 2015

Sports Idioms Used in Business Meetings

The next time you touch base with your American colleague, be confident that you are on the ball, so that you can hit it out of the park!  

What is your US colleague talking about? Learn about sports idioms used in business discussions.
Bringing baseball into the boardroom.
Do you have any idea what I just said in the opening? Well, if you were feeling a little out in left field, it's about time that you get your head in the game by brushing up on idioms used in business discussions with Americans. The PDF below will help you get in the swing of things by getting up to speed on various American idioms, many of which are based on American baseball and other sports. 

After reviewing the PDF, feel free to share your feedback or questions on other idioms you have heard used by your US clients in everyday conversation. 

Learning idioms, phrases and how to use English with native speakers is key to business communication success with US counterparts. Jennifer Kumar helps your Indian counterparts to speak with more confidence in business conversations. Contact us for more information. 

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