Synonyms of “In the Loop”

“Informed” is a word commonly used in Indian English. Using the word “informed” is another way to say “in the loop.” Let’s take a look at some more synonyms of the phrase “in the loop.”    The idiom “in the loop” is commonly heard in office conversations among US Americans. Let’s look at some more synonyms […]

11 Ways Not to Get Promoted to a Manager’s Position

Do you dream of becoming a manager? Do you think it’s “your turn” because you have already been in this job for the right amount of time? You already passed all the other promotions, but why not this one?   Are you thinking, “They should just give it to me, I’m entitled?”   Unlike traditional […]

Making Small Talk Easy

Is there an easy formula you can apply to make small talk with US Americans easier?   Yes!!   Let’s Take a Look at A Small Talk Formula After you are asked a question, answer it like this: Yes or No   One or two sentences to back up your answer A question to turn […]

Fill Out vs Fill Up

“Fill up the form.” The phrase “fill up” is used in Indian English to describe the process of completing a form or writing something. However, in comparing Indian English to American English, in the US, we ‘fill up’ our gas tank (not petrol), or ‘fill up our cup’. In the US, ‘fill up’ is typically […]

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