American Expat in Kochi, India

Shevlin Sebastian from The New Indian Express, Kochi, wrote this piece on Jennifer Kumar in October 2011. This is reprinted with the author’s permission. Photo credits: Krishna Kumar. An American in Kakkanad Jennifer Kumar, who is married to a Malayali, is slowly adjusting to life in Kochi.   One night, in 1995, Jennifer Kumar had […]

Polite (and Rude) Ways to Interrupt in American English

There are many reasons why a person may interrupt others while speaking. First and foremost, when interacting with US clients, Indian developers must learn about the conversational cues. Culturally speaking, these cues are sometimes different when talking about the USA and India. If a lack of understanding of these cues creates a situation where the […]

“How did it go?” – Meanings & How to Answer

Asking “How did it go?” is a common question used in American English, and at work. This kind of question could be in relation to work related tasks or small talk.  When to ask, how to answer? Task-Based Examples:  “So team, how did the product launch go?”  “How did the meeting with the client go?”  […]

Speak English Confidently with US Clients

Possibly you work with US Americans from outside of the US. If so, you may wonder how to speak English confidently with US clients or counterparts. I am happy to share some tips with you that I have learned from training thousands of professionals in India who needed to speak English confidently with US clients.  […]

Say Thank You in Business Emails

. WLearning how to say thank you in business emails, especially with US colleagues is so important. Possibly, you have wondered: How do I say “thank you”? Saying “thank you” on its own sounds boring and fake, what other words or phrases can I use to say “thank you” in emails?   How often should […]

Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories

We have been creating cross-cultural training success stories since 2011. The case studies in this blog were collected between 2011-2016. For a chronicle of cross-cultural training success stories from 2011-present, see our Cross Cultural Training Programmes Track Record. Cross-Cultural Training Success Stories Success Story – Cabot Solutions:    Building a Convincing Professional Brand with Canadian […]

Pronounce Suite, Suit, and Sweet

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce suite, suit, and sweet? Do these words sound the same or are they pronounced differently? It has come to my attention that many are pronouncing SUITE as SUIT. SUITE is pronounced exactly the same as SWEET. (Click here to hear the pronunciation.) If you have a sweet tooth […]

How to Talk About Accomplishments to Americans

  Some may call it “sharing my accomplishments,” while others may call it boasting. In his book 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, Ron Fry states that one must confidently state accomplishments while not seeming boastful. One must be able to balance a sense of ‘boasting’ with ‘humbleness.’ This is not easy. This […]

Successful Cross-Cultural Coaching Clients

In today’s globalized, multicultural world, cross-cultural training is essential in helping us to understand and bridge mindsets to build diverse, respectful teams. If you have ever wondered what types of individuals excel at cross-cultural coaching or training, I have compiled a shortlist of four traits that we have noticed that align with successful cross-cultural coaching […]

Downsides of Adapting to a New Culture

“Culture shock may never end!” This encouraging remark is a summation of statements I have heard from immigrants to the US from various parts of the world, including my parents who both have lived in the US for more than 50 years and still don’t feel completely American despite their best attempts at raising my […]

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