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March 2, 2015

What is Spring Forward?

Spring forward is a phrase that refers to daylight saving time (DST) in the spring in the northern hemisphere. In the US and Canada, daylight saving time will happens every year, the second Sunday of March at 2am (2017- March12).

During this time period, many local news stations across the US report on DST and some cultural factoids are highlighted. See the short videos below for more. 

Tips for A Better Time Transition 
Tips to adjust to the time change are popular on news pieces regarding the time change. Note some tips from this airing from Arkansas. 

What does it mean to "sleep in"? 
In this video, one of the idioms they use is "sleep in." "Sleep in" has the same meaning as "sleep late" in Indian English (I hope!). To sleep in means to "sleep past the normal wake up time" or "wake up late". 

Spring Ahead = Spring Fever  
I think in 2015 more than any other year, those in Springfield, Massachusetts (where the below news clip originates) are just "itching" for spring. Spring and warmer weather can't come soon enough!  

"I have spring fever big time!" 
In the newscast, a woman on the street says she has "spring fever - big time." What does this mean? 

"Spring fever" - Spring fever is a feeling, and it's a little hard to describe. Typically in the winter, since it's so cold, people stay inside their homes and don't do as many outdoor activities. But, they get tired of the snow, ice and cold temperatures. They are eager for it to warm up, so they can do activities outdoors. This feeling of wanting to get out, and hopefully also feel some sun, is known as spring fever. 

"Big time" - Big time is a phrase used to mean "wanting something really bad" or "looking forward to something."

A Smoke Detector
So if someone says they have "spring fever big time" it means they really can't wait for spring to come and it can't come soon enough!

Change Your Batteries! 
Many coming from India to the US will learn something new here. During spring forward and fall back, it's recommended to change the batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Ask your landlord or neighbors where to find these in your home. By law, everyone must have one or more installed in their living area. 

Watching the Jump Forward in Milwaukee 

Note that the video clips in this post are from local news stations. Whenever possible, I suggest you to watch local news (not CNN or cable news). On local news, you will hear more localized accents, slangs, idioms, phrases and learn more about the happenings of your area which will help build confidence in talking about current events, including local weather, with your colleagues (aka - small talk). 

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