March 4, 2015

Video Tutorials: What is Daylight Saving Time (DST)

What is Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Video/Podcast - Introduction to the U.S. Time Zones and DST? 
This video podcast is based on conversations that we often have in US Culture Awareness Training programs preparing Indian offshore teams to understand American approaches to time management and the bi-yearly time change. This screen shot accompanying this podcast demonstrates what happens to clocks during 'fall back' in November- where we actually go back in time, gaining one extra hour (in contrast to spring forward, where we appear to lose one hour). 

Learn about Daylight Saving Time & U.S. Time Zones


Satire Mixed with Reality 

In this below video, the commentator shares his views on DST from a bit of a comical and satirical point of view. Enjoy.

Myths and Reality of DST 

Questions this video explores include:

  1. What is DST?
  2. Why do we follow DST?
  3. Do farmers really benefit from the time change?
  4. Does it save energy?
  5. Do all areas really follow DST?

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