March 12, 2015

Touring Kerala in 2006

Jennifer Kumar, the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys has a long history of coming and going from India. The journeys started back in 1998. Since 1998, she has traveled back and forth from India about 15 times! 

Though that is the case, she did not get step foot into Kerala until 2006. The below video is a slideshow of photos from her first trip to Kerala. 

In the video, you will also visit these places in Kerala along with her: 
  • Trivandrum, Kazhakootam, Sainik School 
  • Kochi, Water Taxi 
  • Sagararani - A Tourist Dinner and Show Cruise Boat 
  • Veli
  • Kovalam 
  • Film Institute near Kazahakootam 
  • Rajagiri College 

Veli and Kovalam are closer to Trivandrum and popular among tourists. If your IT company is hosting foreign clients, of course taking them to one of these popular locations could be on your itinerary!

Jennifer Kumar, an American expat living in Kochi has already helped 1,500 Indians prepare for offshore success and can help your team prepare for offshore visits from US clients and counterparts, too! Contact her today

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