Resorting to Resorts – A Good Idea for US Clients

Posted On: March 26, 2015

As an IT employee in Infopark, you may be “resorted-out.” And, yes, that is possible for some employees of IT companies in Infopark, and India in general, as many team outings are at resorts. While their American counterparts often have team outings in parks or other low or no-cost facilities, their Indian counterparts are partying it up at resorts and fancy hotels. Sorry, guys in the US, but it’s true. I have seen your offshored team members spending days away the office at five star resorts in Kerala and partying the night away at four and five star hotels near ITPL, Bangalore. 

A resort in Wayanad, India.
Jennifer Kumar at Vyithi

While the guys here in India may get used to resorts and think they are commonplace, I am here to tell you, don’t cross them off the list of ideas to suggest to your US counterparts when they visit India. If they have an extended weekend in Kerala, at least three days to spare, suggest a good resort. I am talking about a place you can get trapped inside, walk around to your heart’s content, participate in activities on the property or short trips sponsored offsite by the resort, such as the off-site trips we went on while visiting Vythiri resort in Wayanad some years ago. Or a resort where you can get pampered with Ayurvedic massage, like Zuri in Kumarakom. These kinds of resorts allow you to feel like you’re in a totally different world, cut off from the rat race of day to day life. I am almost positive most Americans will love to experience these kinds of places. Though we have resorts in the US, the price is out of most people’s reach in the US. In India, some of these resorts, for the cheapest room cost about the same as a three star hotel in the US. 

In the four years I have lived in Kerala I have been to quite a few resorts. A few we have checked out that could be suggested depending on the client’s time in India and availability include: 

Upper Central Kerala:
Vythiri Resort, Wayanad – While there are treehouses in this resort, one of the main attractions is the hanging bridge (photo, above). Do be careful, though as there seems to be two resorts by the same name. I think the other is Vythiri Village. We have stayed at both. Both are good and have their unique charm. 

Central Kerala:
Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom – If you’re lucky enough, you can book a room with a private pool, called a pool villa. It’s heaven. Again, one night is not enough. 

A resort in Kerala, India.
A resort in Kerala, India.
A resort in Kerala, India.

Taj Vivanta, Kumarakom – We haven’t stayed here over night, but have eaten breakfast there several times. We hear from the residents that we are missing out by not staying there. 

Vaamika Island – You will be taking a boat to this island resort. And, some of the Kerala style cabins have forever pools, like the one we stayed at. You can really get trapped here. One night is not enough! 

A unique place to visit in Kerala, India
Photos: Krishna Kumar

A unique place to visit in Kerala, India

Zuri, Kumarakom – We came to Zuri by pure accident, but it was pure bliss. We took the least expensive room here, and were treated as lavishly as anyone else (we feel that way). There are so many facilities on the property we did not get a chance to use because we stayed only one night. We did not get to use the paddle boats, gym, and view cultural programs. We did use the pool room, the swimming pool, and the spa.

Meditation Room at Zuri – Did not have enough time to really use this space for the intended use!

South Kerala:
Carmelia Haven, Thekkady (Treehouses) – Video Below

Raviz, Kollam (I heard the name of this place recently changed.)

Left- Raviz, Above - Lake Village Resort

Not so Fancy, but Good for a day away: Central Kerala: Lake Village Resort, Kottayam Olive Brook, Munnar This video is of the plants and wildlife sounds on the property. While at Munnar, we went to Kollukkamalai, the world’s highest tea plantation. High tea, anyone?

Jennifer Kumar helps your teams prepare for US client visits with innovative training programs and strategy sessions to help you help your client’s visit be productive professionally as well as satisfying personally. Contact us for more information.  Other Places For the Client’s Itinerary:  Kollukkamalai, Tea Plantation  Always check for most current feedback on TripAdvisor if you are unsure of any place. 



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