Cleveland, Ohio – Cheap and Fun Things to do Onsite

Posted On: March 18, 2015

The US is a vast country. While traveling can be easy in the US, not all that go for onsite visits have enough time to take a flight to see national landmarks. What if you have limited time and are in Cleveland, for instance, what could you see? 

What is there to do in Cleveland?
One of the most famous tourist spots in Cleveland is the Rock and Roll Hall of FameIf you’re interested in some of the other more popular sites, check out the list on Trip Advisor.  However, if you are looking for something outside the city, and off the beaten path, rent a car and check out the state parks and waterfalls within a short drive. Visiting these places in good weather will be a cost-effective alternative to the normal tourist locations as many state parks have a low or no-fee entry fee. Carry about ten loose one dollar bills just in case. And, pack a picnic lunch or bring drinks and snacks as finding decent eateries out that way could be a challenge. 

Developed trails at Brandywine. Photo @Krishna Kumar.
Developed trails at Brandywine. Photo @Krishna Kumar.

A Day Trip to Waterfalls and a State Park
Lower Bridal Falls –> Cayuhoga Valley National Park –> Brandywine Waterfalls

Lower Bridal Falls
These waterfalls, in the video below, would be your first stop out of Cleveland, roughly a half an hour out of town. Follow this with a trip to Brandywine Waterfalls, about 15 minutes south of Lower Bridal Falls in Cayuhoga Valley National Park.

Brandywine Waterfalls

Developed trails at Brandywine. Photo @Krishna Kumar.
Developed trails leading to Brandywine Falls.
Photo @Krishna Kumar.

Located in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Brandywine Waterfalls are about 30 minutes south of Cleveland. There are two paths to take to see the falls. One is well-built, while the other more rustic. Hiking skills are not required for the developed path, though you may need to walk up stairs. 

The good thing about visiting most of these kinds of parks is that it is free or a low cost for parking. Some parks will have parking on an ‘honor system’. You will see a box for donations at the start of the hiking trail or near the entrance of the park. It’s nice to add a few dollars into that box as a token of appreciation.

Though I would naturally suggest places I like, see what other visitors said about Brandywine Falls at Trip Advisor. For more information on Brandywine Waterfalls, see this link.

Below are two videos I took on our trip to this park back in 2008.

If you don’t have time to go outside the city, but want to try your hand at driving at night on the interstate 90, prepare yourself by watching this video. We had also driven that same stretch late one night long ago, listening to Hindi songs! 

Driving Map:

Google Maps

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