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March 20, 2015

Are the Airtel Commercials Made in India?

I am not a cricket fan. Sorry folks, no matter how much someone teaches me about cricket, just can't get into it. My family were never into sports growing up, so I do not even know much about football, baseball or basketball either. Though that is the case, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has been playing non-stop in our home this year. For me, it's more like background noise, though some of the commercials grab my attention.

Most of the ads are very irritating, but those for Airtel leave me curious. Though the ads are tailored toward Indians and have Indians in them, I am doubtful that they are filmed in India. Below I will share some of the videos, stills, and my insights on the ads from a cross-cultural perspective. I'm curious to hear your feedback on this in the comments section below.

Before I share my feedback, trust me, I am not getting any sponsored links in this post. Airtel is not paying me to do this, nor am I endorsing the services of Airtel, though we have used Airtel services.  

Airtel Pizza Commercial
In this commercial, a family enjoy pizza in a nice restaurant. We can see that this restaurant is by a lake or ocean, as when the camera pans by the windows, the scenery is breathtaking. While this restaurant scenery can happen anywhere in the world, there is something curious about the table setting. In the image to the right, I have taken a screen shot and highlighted a bottle. This bottle is tabasco sauce. Tabasco sauce is a common condiment on restaurant and diner tables in the US, but not so common in India, at least South India in my experience, as the food is already spicy!  

The other part of the video that stands out is when the daughter touches the hand of the father (12 second mark). As the video is in Hindi, I may miss the conversation as I am not fluent in Hindi, but I have not noticed this gesture so commonly in India. What do you think? 

I will share other commercials and my feedback on them in future posts.

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