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March 27, 2015

Airtel - Glasses Ad - Not Made in India?

As the Cricket World Cup rages on in India, so does my fascination and curiosity with the Airtel ads, as I keep asking myself, "How can they be made in India?" The sets look so foreign. Let's look at the "glasses ad".  There are two main elements I note in this ad that make it suspect to be filmed in India, unless, of course, it's filmed in a studio. 

Barless Windows 
In my experience living in South India, I have not seen many if any houses without bars on the windows. In this ad, both the big picture window behind the son, and the window behind dad and son in the still to the right do not have bars. Also, the idea of a picture window seems so "Western" to me. I am sure picture windows are used in other places, but I have not yet seen one like that in India. Especially, such a big window without bars. Please correct me if I am wrong! 

Heating system
In the ad still I have included in this post, I have highlighted something in a black box. I think I see a heating duct on the wall. I have stayed in houses in south to north India, even in the foothills of the Himalayas where it is very cold, but I have not yet seen in a family home central heat or air. And, believe me, Delhiites would probably love having central heat in the winter in a cement home. The floor is super cold! 

So, again I am suspect this ad is made in India. What do you think? 

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