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February 23, 2015

US Job Search Tax Deductions

Did you know your dear, old Uncle Sam may give you a tax break if you racked up expenses on your job hunt over the last tax year? Did you know there are some expenses you can write off if you are looking for and have landed that next, new dream job in the US? 

Roll in the dough this tax season.
If you file taxes in the US, and within the last tax year incurred expenses while preparing for interviews, moving because of career relocation or incurred other job related expenses, you may be claim them on your next tax return! 

I wish I had known these tips a long time ago, as I think Uncle Sam has made some money off of me! Don't let him make money off you! Jump on over to The CareerSensei Consulting blog, where you can learn some valuable tax advice that may help you to jump start your tax returns this year. 

To start rolling in the dough, see the blog, Yes, Your Job Search Can Benefit Your Taxes, today (and don't forget to check in with your local tax advisor for other tips and short cuts you can apply to cash in on your tax refund). 

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