Eating With Hands in the US With Colleagues – Yes or No?

One of the most common questions Indians especially from Kerala and Tamil Nadu ask me about their business trip to the US is, “Is eating with hands in the US with colleagues acceptable?”  Jennifer eats typical Onasadya (onam feast) with her hand.  Food may be served like this on special  holidays in south Indian offices. While many […]

English Customer Service Phrases to Use with US Americans

This post lists some phrases, sentences, questions or strategies you can use in various parts of customer service or support calls to make your interactions more conversational rather than transactional.  General Communication Tips:  Must show empathy Listen (don’t just hear, listen) Smile, SMILE and …. SMILE! – Yes, a listener CAN make out if you […]

How to Give “Negative Feedback” in a Positive Way

Getting “Buy In” When Delivering Constructive Criticism   Do you need to deliver some bad news to someone on your team?   Are you struggling with how to give this “negative feedback” in a positive or sensitive way that is empathetic, yet encouraging? While there are many approaches one could take to tackling these kinds […]

Packing Your Suitcase to the US

It’s important to know what should and should not be packed in your bags, both your carry on bag and check in bags when traveling to the US. In addition to the Indian baggage handlers, the immigration officials and security check at the airport of entry in the US will be very strict in what […]

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