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February 27, 2015

Expat in India - What is it like to live as a foreigner in India?

I have shared some experiences living in India with well-known publications such as the Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle and the most popular magazine in Kerala, Vanitha. In December 2014, I also had an opportunity help a small start-up website by sharing some experiences I have had living in India. 

Being a foreigner anywhere does take you out of your comfort zone. You will experience things you never would imagine in your home culture when living in other countries and vastly different cultures. Some of your experiences will match up with the typical cultural shocks other foreigners have, while other experiences will be uniquely your own. To read a little more about some of my interesting escapades in as an expat in Kochi, Kerala, India, read, India, Where Anything, Everything and Nothing Can Disrupt Your Plans

Jennifer Kumar utilizes her experience of living, working and studying between the US and India to help those in the IT industry; such as software developers, engineers, team leads, delivery managers and others working with Americans build better working relationships from offshore or as an international assignee onshore at the client site. Learn more by clicking the links or contacting us today. 

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