Basketball Idioms & March Madness

In today’s post, Matt Wade answers some questions about basketball and March Madness, especially for those who are new to the game and the country.  1. Are there any idioms or phrases people used related to basketball?  “Seed”  The tournament brackets consist of 4 groupings. The seeding in each bracket is 1 – 16, with […]

Life as an Expat in India

India, Where Anything, Everything and Nothing Can Disrupt Your Plans. By: Jennifer Kumar Originally published in 2015.  Village girls in a remote village in Tamil Nadu giggled at us and passed comments on how weak we city girls were as my classmate and I together carried one bucket of water back to our rural camp. […]

Traffic and Road Rules in the USA

When moving to the US, getting a car and learning the traffic and road rules in the USA will be on top of your list. Unlike in other countries, living without a car is not an option for many as public transportation is not as accessible or popular in most areas. Therefore, getting your car […]

Convince, Influence & Negotiate with US Americans

Have you found yourself in any of the following situations with US or Native English Speaking Westerners (US, Canada, Australia, UK):   Wanting to change meeting times with clients or end the meeting early?  Wanting to push back on deadlines or suggested time frames?  Wanting to say no politely or negotiate on the tasks or […]

US Business & Expat Success Program

Get Ready to Go Onsite to the USA This training session, also known as the Expat to the US, will provide a context to understanding US Americans and US corporate culture better before international assignments and onsite client to the United States. Regardless if you are an IT professional, a software developer, financial expert, or […]

Betrayed By Your Own Culture – An Rwandan Expat’s Journey Home

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water in your own hometown, in your own culture, and while speaking “your own language?”   I know Alphonsine Imaniraguha would be nodding her head in agreement to that question, a question that those who have never left their hometown or country may be shaking their head […]

Potluck Parties in the NRI Culture

Potluck parties are a common feature in the Non-Resident Indian (hereafter, NRI) culture in America. The ‘culture shock’ and learning curve of such parties has even been brought out in NRI novels such as ‘India Was One.’ When many NRIs land in the USA, they want to get together, socialize, and most importantly eat. These […]

Phrases Used in American Restaurants

From the greetings to the conclusion of your visit to ordinary restaurants in the US, you may hear some words or phrases that are new to you. Let’s look at a few of those statements, phrases, idioms and questions.  In Fast Food Restaurants   “For here or to go?”  If you go inside a fast food […]

Ordering at a Fast Food Restaurant in the US

“I did not order inside a fast food restaurant until I was in the US for a few years!”   “I did not even attempt to use a drive through for several years after living in the US!”   These are a few answers my friends from India had to the questions, “How long did […]

Restaurant Etiquette and Business Dining in the USA

When you visit the USA for business or tourism, you may be invited out to eat with your friends or colleagues. This post will provide a high-level overview to restaurant etiquette and business dining in both casual and formal situations in the USA.    What are the meal times? If you are planning to go […]

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