November 17, 2016

Videos on Police Etiquette in the US

A police car in the USA.
One of the most popular questions attendees of the US Culture trainings ask is, "If I am in the US and a cop pulls me over, how do I respond?" 

The below videos demonstrate some of the dos and don'ts you should follow if you are ever pulled over by the police in the US.  

How to Pull Over When the Police Flashers Come On Behind You

The Importance of Not Getting Out of Your Vehicle

Keep Your Hands Where the Officer Can See Them When Pulled Over

Be Polite to the Traffic Police When Stopped
Avoid using swear words to a police officer. Be polite. Admit your mistakes. Be humble.

What You Need To Show or Talk About When Stopped by State Troopers
Have your driver license ready to show along with your registration and proof of car insurance to show the officer.

What To Do When You Don't Have Your Driver License

A police car in the USA.
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~This post is part of "Questions about American Culture" - a part of the US Corporate Culture Training for Offshore Professionals. At the beginning and end of the training participants ask any question they have about living in the US as an expat. While some questions are answered on the spot, some will be followed up outside of the session, such as this one.

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Photo credits: First photo: Josh Beasley at Flickr, photo at bottom: Pixabay

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