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January 3, 2015

The 4 Days of Pongal

Pongal is the Thanksgiving or Harvest Festival of South India, particularly in the state of Tamil Nadu. Pongal is not only the name of the four day Thanksgiving festival, but is the name of the main dish made from harvested rice, lentils and spices. When this is put in an earthen pot and left to boil until it begins to boil out and over, people shout Pongal-o-Pongal. Pongal means 'boiling over.' This symbolizes a bountiful harvest as well as wealth, success, health and happiness for all on this day and the rest of the year. Pongal is the first festival beginning of each new year in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. As the dates for this festival are calculated by the solar calendar (ie. Western), the dates of January 13-16 rarely change. Each day of this festival has a special significance, however, it is celebrated more grandly in the villages, while the city folk mainly celebrate on the second day only. 

The four days of Pongal are:
Day 1 - Bhogi 
Day 2- Thai Pongal 
Day 3 - Maatu Pongal/ Uzhavar Thirunal 
Day 4 - Kaanum Pongal/ Thiruvalluvar Day 

Browse the links above to learn more about Pongal festivities. 

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