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January 18, 2015

Keralites Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US

Combining the celebrations of India's Republic Day (January 26) and Martin Luther King Jr. Day (third Monday of January), the videos below courtesy of the Kerala Association of New Jersey, in Malayalam details the Malayalee community's approach to honoring and celebrating these occasions in 2012. 

From Asianet:

Who or what are Keralites or Malayalees? 

While people from India are called Indians, there are terms used to describe people from different states or language groups in India. Kerala is a state in south western India. People from Kerala speak Malayalam. Hence, people from Kerala could be called Keralites (people from Kerala) or Malayalees (speakers of Malayalam). 

What does KANJ mean? 
On the video descriptions, viewers may notice the word KANJ. KANJ may have a double meaning. Of course the main meaning is an acronymn which stands for the Kerala Association of New Jersey. The other meaning involves the word KANJ being used as a name that means Lord Brahma.

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