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November 9, 2014

Scrum Simulation - Thinking On Your Feet With Americans

While games and activities that fall under the Agile, Scrum or Lean methodologies are not really culture specific, much of the activity and debrief lends itself very well to business concepts and communication in team settings. 

Due to this, I recently used an Agile game that highlights process, identifying bottlenecks, streamlining and estimation in a US Culture Training program for IT professionals preparing to go onsite. I believe if those in the training programs can think on their feet, talk about these concepts in their own words and use the concepts from these games in communicating business process and outcomes to Americans, it lends itself as a fertile training ground for the type of question, probing, brainstorming, problem solving, critical thinking skills, planning and forecasting skills Americans often appreciate from their counterparts. 

The below game, which I simply call The Greeting Card game is a fun game in four iterations that offers a good context to many of these business concepts.

Have you played this game before? Share your impressions and ideas for debrief that intrigued you in the comments section below.

Jennifer Kumar, author of this blog is a cross-cultural business strategist preparing Indian IT professionals with 5- 25 years of experience to have successful onsite expat client interactions. For more information contact Jennifer today.

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