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November 6, 2014

Personality Traits Game - Improving Vocabulary

Looking for an icebreaker that helps team members learn more about each other, improve their vocabulary, questioning skills and information gathering techniques? Check out this game that can be used in your next training session. This PDF is downloadable for easy reference.

Personality Traits Game

Use this game with teams that already know each other or have been working together for some time. This game will help participants learn to communicate more clearly with each other, and learn the importance of being specific and how to gather specifics from others, improving their questioning skills. 


  • Improve vocabulary
  • Encourage being specific and giving constructive feedback
  • Learn how to ask questions to get good responses
  • Learn how to share feedback with a team

Time Needed for 10 participants:
10 minutes for instructions/questions/pairing
20 minutes for interviewing partners
30 minutes for sharing answers

Directions for facilitator:

  • Print out the cards, cut them, fold them in half. Put the pieces of paper in a bag. Participants will randomly choose a card.
  • Divide the group into partners.
  • Each partner will choose one card.
  • In the debrief participants are expected to talk about specifics, so circulate through the groups to help them to ask questions or gather specifics. Don’t give the answers to them. They need to be able to think and speak on their own.

Tell these directions to the participants:

  • Choose a partner. For anyone not having a partner, one group could have three people.
  • Each person must choose one card.
  • Each set of partners will ask a closed ended question to the other regarding the trait, followed by open ended questions or build questions to get more details. For example:Question: Are you disorganized?Partner: NoQuestion: So, you are organized. What makes you organized? / Could you share a story about being organized?Ask your partner questions to reveal specific instances to answer these questions. No one can say, for instance, “I am not disorganized because I am organized.” What does it mean to be organized? Be specific. Tell a story about it. It does not have to be work related.
  • After 15-20 minutes each group will share about the characteristics of their partner.  

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