October 10, 2014

"All Over the Place" - Idioms and Phrases in the USA

The client told us that the meeting was "all over the place". Is this a good thing?  

Typically, this is not a compliment. When an American (or an English speaking Westerner) would say something is 'all over the place', they are communicating that they can't find order, logical thought, or process in what is being done. To find out about what is wrong, it's appropriate to ask indirect questions that blame you or your team for the miscommunication like: 
  • Where can I fill in the blanks?
  • Is there something our team can explain differently?
  • What are we missing? Do you have suggestions to help us get back on track?
For more about this idiom, listen to Jennifer's thoughts in the video tutorial below.

To help your team learn more about getting on track and preparing and following through on meeting agendas that speak to your Western counterparts so that things aren't all over the place in their eyes, contact Jennifer Kumar to guide your team on meeting etiquette and thought processes of Westerners to help your global talent understand each other better and "be on the same page".  Contact her here.

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