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September 14, 2014

Speak in Confident English With Native Speakers

Do you attend meetings on the phone, by video conference or in person with foreign, especially Western English speaking clients? If the answer is yes, the tutorials in this blog will give you practical exercises to improve your interactions and rapport with them. 

Audios and videos on various communication and presentation skills provide real-time examples and ideas to apply to improve communication and understanding between cultures and across distributed teams in general. 

Tips for Clearer English 
  1. Pacing and Projection - I want to know how to pace and project my voice.  
  2. Flow - The flow of my English is halting and not fluent like native speakers. How can I fix that?
  3. Grouping words in sentences. How do I put my words together in a sentence to sound more natural?
  4. Stuttering and Mumbling - What is stuttering and mumbling and tips to overcome it  
  5. My messages aren't crisp enough. How can I make my messages crisper? 
  6. How can I get others more interested when I speak? Tips on how to make your English more expressive.     
  7. How can I express initiative or ownership to my Western counterparts?  
  8. I'm not able to enunciate clearly. Can you help me?  
  9. Vowel sounds in English 
Presentation Skills & Body Language
  1. Can I give presentations while seated at my desk or at the boardroom table? What tips can I apply to do it better? 
  2. Can I use my arms in a presentation? How can I use my arms in a presentation? 
  3. How do I walk on and use the stage during presentations?  
Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director of Authentic Journeys, based in Kochi, India helps Indians to communicate with more conviction with their US and English speaking counterparts. She has helped over 1,500 and counting, contact her today to see how she can help you and your team surpass all expectations! 

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