September 6, 2014

Onam Dance: Thiruvathirakali

Did you know there is a step in Thiruvathira that can help you to face the audience more confidently while giving presentations? When I ask this question during sessions on presentation skills, many think this is strange. There is one particular step in Thiruvathira that allows the dancer to "walk" in front or behind another dancer without turning to the side. This same step can be used while giving business and other face-to-face presentations to assure that you will be facing the audience appropriately and confidently throughout the presentation.  

Of course, after mentioning this and showing this to the participants, many participants are curious to see me, an American, dancing Thiruvathira. Due to some very ironic situations in life, I have had more chances to dance Thiruvathirakali in the US than in India! I'd like to share videos of the times past I have had a chance to share in performing this dance with some talented and graceful ladies of the Greater Rochester Association of Malayalees of New York (GRAMNY) in the US. Thank you for allowing me to participate in these wonderful and timeless experiences. 

Thiruvathira Dance Performance #1, Part 1

Thiruvathira Dance Performance #1, Part 2

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