September 14, 2014

Happy Onam to our Friends In Rochester, NY

Every year, the Malayalee association in Rochester, New York celebrates Onam in a wonderful way. Before moving to Kerala, my husband and I were active members of the Greater Association of Malayalees in New York (GRAMNY) for several years before moving to Kerala. Although we now live in the largest Malayalee association of all, Kerala, some of the opportunities to learn, participate in and perform cultural acts were somehow easier to do in the US, outside of India! The Malayalee association and all of it's members, past and present (and future!) hold a special place in my memory. Thank you for all that you do!  

This year, GRAMNY asked all the community members who moved out of Rochester recently to send in a short video clip wishing the current community members a Happy Onam. What a wonderful idea! About 10 families participated in this video, including us. As Krishna is a bit camera shy (he prefers to be behind the camera), I represented us both!  

The editors of this video have done a fantastic job, haven't they? Enjoy!!

For those curious, my full video greeting is below. (Or watch it on YouTube, click here.)

We wish your Onam celebrations were memorable and amazing, friends in Rochester and beyond!

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