Raycast Technologies: Education Through Games

Posted On: July 17, 2014

In this installment of the Infopark Startup Series, meet Abhishek, the the CEO of Raycast Technologies.  

Raycast TechnologiesAbhishek Mohan K, pictured to the right, is the CEO of Raycast Technologies, located in the Kochi InfoPark. In 2013, Abhishek resigned from his job in the Ministry of Education, Maldives, to start this company.

Jennifer: Thank you Abhishek for taking some of your valuable time to participate in this interview with Authentic Journeys. Would you mind sharing with our readers, the vision and mission of your company?

Our vision is to develop educational and awareness games, keeping in mind the slogan, ‘Let them play, let them learn‘. Our endeavor is to publish games that children can play, and through that, learn values for the betterment of the environment they live in.

Our mission is to develop games for popular mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows, as well as games for the Web and the PC. Our games integrate cutting-edge technology like Augmented Reality, to create innovative gaming experiences.

Jennifer: So, what makes Raycast Technologies unique, compared to other companies that do the same kind of work?

Abhishek: We are passionate about what we do, and we believe this will reflect in our products, which will in turn show our uniqueness.

Jennifer: I heard that one of Raycast Technologies’ games was recognized by the Government of Kerala. That’s pretty exciting news! What is this game and what are its unique features?

Abhishek: STOP CYBER CRIME is an initiative of the National Service Scheme, Kerala Higher Education Department, Vocational Higher Secondary Education Department, and Orgpeople, an official agency of the Kerala Police.

Raycast Technologies is developing a game to increase awareness about cyber safety. Mr Poniter, the official mascot of Stop Cyber Crime, will be the 3D character in the awareness game. The game integrates learning with fun. Through the game, users get adequate information about how they can be safe in the cyber world. The National Service Scheme (NSS) will coordinate distribution of this game among the target audience.

Jennifer: How do you plan to roll out this program across different parts of the state?

Abhishek: We plan to implement this program with the help of the NSS and its volunteers.

In the first phase, we plan to train groups of 1000 NSS volunteers in Kerala. Each trained volunteer will then conduct at least 5 classes in their respective areas in organizations like banks, clubs, libraries, and reading rooms. Volunteers will also collect a letter from a responsible person in the organization, confirming the training session. NSS officers will acknowledge the letter and forward this to the project officer.

The above program is sanctioned by the Order of the Government of Kerala.

Jennifer: What are some of the other games or software products created by Raycast Technologies?

Abhishek: An Augmented Reality browser called ‘Angle-D’ is a signature product currently under development at Raycast Technologies and we expect to finish this in the next 3 months.

Jennifer: What are some of the unique features of the games by Raycast Technologies?

Abhishek: By supporting popular platforms like Android and iOS, we aim to make our games accessible to the majority of mobile device users. We also use the most advanced gaming engines like Unity3D and integrate futuristic technologies like Augmented Reality for a different gaming experience.

To learn more about Raycast Technologies, visit their website

This interview was conducted by Jennifer Kumar, with editorial support by Chris Sufi.

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