June 24, 2014

Closing the Interview: Leaving a Good Last Impression

Interviews are not only about the interviewers asking you questions, but you also asking relevant and thoughtfully prepared questions at the end during the closing of the video. 

While it's suggested to prepare at least three to five questions, take note that it's ideal to ask about three questions. 

Pay close attention during the interview if the interviewer gives information away about the questions you want to ask at the end. If this happens, you will need to either drop particular questions or re-word them as follow up questions. 

Some tips from Capella University on how to close an interview include:
  • Ask the interviewer thoughtful questions.
  • Make a closing statement reiterating your interest in the job and summarizing relevant qualifications.
  • Ask about next steps in the process.
  • Ask for the interviewer's contact information or a good way to get in touch.
  • Conclude the interview.
See the do's and don'ts of closing an interview through the use of role plays in this below video.

And, for tips and ideas on how to prepare and ask questions, see this video:

Another tip, after each interview it's ideal to send a thank you note. Though many suggest handwritten thank you notes as ideal, for onsite interviews from offshore clients, an email thank you note sent within a business day will be a good alternative. As writing thank you notes is not as common in India as it is in the US, writing one will surely set you apart while showing the interviewer you can take the initiative to contact key people when required.

Jennifer Kumar prepares Indian offshore and onsite teams to interact confidently and convincingly with their US and UK counterparts.

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