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May 30, 2014

Authentic Journeys - Official Signage & Partnership

The office for Authentic Journeys Consultancy is located in The Non Resident Indian’s-Technology Business Incubator (NRI-TBI) office in Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala, India. (That's a mouthfull of an address for an American, and it's not even the complete address!) 

The NRI TBI is a government of Kerala sponsored incubator that promotes IT and Software development companies in Infopark. While it's true that Authentic Journeys is not a software or IT concern, it provides an important niche service to IT and software companies - training and coaching. It is for this reason that Authentic Journeys has an exclusive spot in this one of a kind incubator.  

Authentic Journeys officially started using the space back in July 2013. The benefits of the incubator include: 
  • Networking with other NRI-TBI incubated companies as well as getting to know a lot of cool and creative people!
  • Having an office space in a vibrant office.
  • Access to meeting spaces and training rooms.
  • The privilege of an exclusive and official sounding address!
  • A wonderful administrative team that helps with day-to-day concerns as well as provides opportunities to the companies such as networking and professional development opportunities. 

As a self-employed entrepreneur, it's nice to work in a space with other people.. it makes life very interesting! Of course, the others in the office may often wonder where I am, as I am not in the office everyday, and sometimes weeks go by where I am absent from the office. Due to the nature of the work, I meet clients in their offices to deliver trainings. In cases where Skype is required for the meeting, I take those calls from my home office. 

While all of this has opened up a lot of opportunities for Authentic Journeys, I am also happy and pleasantly surprised about a few key things that have happened recently:

  • Name plates at each cubicle or set of cubicles to announce the company's spaces
  • Company's names listed on the official NRI TBI signage
  • Authentic Journeys is now listed on the NRI TBI website!
The (mostly blurry!) photos in this post highlight the three above points. 

As usual, thank you everyone for the support and well wishes to help make this and many other's Authentic Journeys in this life come true!! 

PS. The work never ends. There is still so, so much to do!! Onward we march!  

If you'd like to contact the Managing Director, Jennifer Kumar about training engagements for your India-based teams to bridge the culture and language gap, click here to contact her through this website

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