Cross-Cultural Training, Coaching & Consulting Options

Posted On: April 10, 2014

Jennifer Kumar, your coach and trainer

Hello, my name is Jennifer Kumar. I facilitate better, clearer communication and understanding between Indians and U.S. Americans. I am committed to helping you get to the heart of the matter to identify long-lasting solutions through a combination of coaching, consultancy and classwork. Individual and group coaching solutions target the following areas:

US Culture Preparation
Gain awareness and practical application of American etiquette and professional mannerisms to relate better with American counterparts. Read more here…

Email & Business Writing Skills

Knowing how to organize your thoughts in your business communication yields amazing results. Our programs have helped professionals like you build better business relations, get jobs done on time (or quicker), and resolve issues with less need of escalation procedures. Read more here…

Spoken English, Cultural Awareness and Presentation Skills for Virtual Teams
Does your manager or US counterpart wish you spoke up more? Do you want to build your confidence to drive meetings, provide expertise and insight to your clients or US counterparts on a daily basis. We work with you to build your confidence in areas of virtual presentation skills, demos and a deeper understanding of how to build relationships, convince, ask consultative questions and provide outstanding customer service to US clients. Your trainer is an American citizen who has lived in India almost 10 years, and has provided similar training to thousands of professionals just like you. Read more here…

Small Talk Program
Many Indian professionals feel when they learn to make small talk with their US counterparts, they are more confident in other areas of business communication as well. We can help you to speak up and make more friendly relations with your counterparts in the United States with this unique cross-cultural training program. Read more here…

India Cross- Cultural Training
Are there communication challenges on your virtual project team with professionals from India? Do you get confused when they say yes, but then don’t follow through? Do you want to build better relationships with your Indian colleagues to get work done more effectively? Your trainer has worked in India for 6.5 years in addition to earning a Master’s Degree in India and continues to work with project teams from India virtually from Salt Lake City. She is ready to help you to save time, frustration and headaches in bridging cultural gaps on your India-USA cross-border team. Read more here…

Jennifer has coached over 3,500 Indian professionals in language, cultural and corporate skills for better working relationships. Get in touch with us today to start individual or small group programs with long-lasting results.

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