June 2, 2015

6 Questions to Start a Small Talk Conversation

Lindsay McMahonToday I'd like to introduce you to Lindsay McMahon. Lindsay is an English teacher and entrepreneur based in Boston, USA. She and her team help international professionals gain confidence in their speaking skills through customized courses and an English podcast called All Ears English.  

Today, I'm sharing with you an abbreviated post recently posted on Lindsay's blog entitled 6 Ways to Greet Colleagues at a Conference in English

Many people may wonder, "How can I start a small talk conversation?" Well, if we keep it general, we can relax and take it forward. Some suggested conversation starters are below.

6 Conversation Starters with US Colleagues: 

  1. "It's nice to see you. How are things going with your work?"
  2. "How is that new project coming along? I want to hear about it!"
  3. "How are you? Fill me in on your latest research."
  4. "Would you like to get a coffee during the break and catch up?"
  5. "How is the conference going for you? What's the latest on your work?"
  6. "It's great to meet you. What are you working on these days?"

For alternative versions of these same phrases, and other tips, click through to the original post.

(Note: It's ok to adapt the phrases to your own line of work. For example, the word "research" is used in statement #3. If you do not do research in your work, but do projects, substitute the word research for project. It's as easy as that!)

Thank you for spending time here today! Please share your feedback and ideas in the comments below.

Lindsay McMahon is Founder and CEO of All Ears English. All Ears English is an education technology company, focusing on helping international professionals improve their English for business, test preparation, and general fluency. We provide podcasts, online courses, live events, and more.  

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